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TechnoArt ventures are focused on creating and driving new revenue channels for the artist community community through technological innovation. 

We proud ourselves in positioning the artists needs first when designing and implementing the right technology platform that will services artists, the community and the industry as a while.
Here are some of the venture developing at TechnoArt

The first app to match the right venue with the right artist.
Using a proprietary algorithm, Gogig recognizes the artists community and fan base
and provides tailored recommendations on where they should perform.
Gogig provides smart access to venues worldwide based on genre, ticket price and consumer preferences.
The app provides venues with the tools to estimate the artists relevance to their audience and estimated revenue per concert.


The first platform to connect advertisers and artistic content, empowering strong digital campaigns with high engagement for every brand.

MARKERS matchs advertisers and brands with selected artists based on common audiences. The MARKERS content library and editing tools allows the advertisers to create digital campaigns using artistic content and deploy to the relevant channels. Driving higher levels of content interaction, engagement and ultimately revenue.


The platform matchs and connects event planners and artists and empowers everyone with the tools to plan and manage their artistic production.
From stage and lighting all through catering and marketing.
The platform also offers unique financial planing tools making artistic event production easier then ever before.


The brand’s awareness

The brand’s awareness

Build, manage and increase the brand’s awareness across social media to include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and more…

Social Networks

Social Networks

Execute and measure strategic marketing initiatives through their web presence to include social networks, social and mobile applications.

The social conversations

The social conversations

Monitor the social conversations about the brand, competitors and key topics across social media



efficiently leverage content across multiple social networks

Drive user engagement

Drive user engagement

Drive user engagement



Schedule content delivery into the future



Target audience based on specific profile data

Analyze Performance

Analyze Performance

metrics system to analyze performance across all environments



Support of a wide variety of content – video, text, surveys, complex applications and more


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DEX is the first program tailored for manufacturers and brands, providing them with the opportunity
to build their international sales efforts. 
From online sales using the various digital channels to online branding, eCommerce,
financial management, legal support, online PR and sales management.


Taking a small business global is an complex and dynamic process. Gaining a deep understanding of the targeted markets, the competition, current local market trends, and the requirements to successfully launch and drive growth lays an important foundation.


When starting a new business or seeking to increase growth at your current business by expanding into international markets, establishing and building a brand identity becomes essential.

Financial Consulting

The proper tax and finance infrastructures need to be set up early on to ensure that you are receiving timely reporting and that your foreign entity is adhering to local corporate policies and procedures.

Legal services

Some countries are known for being highly litigious, so it is critical that strong legal processes are put in place to minimize unnecessary commercial risks.

Also, government agencies have strict requirements that necessitates legal documentation be in place prior to operating within the country. It's import to be proactive and offset downstream risks and liabilities.


Building a global technical commerce ecosystem requires looking at how each and every aspect of your retail business operates, both independently and as a cohesive ecosystem; across each channel in one market, and then across all of your markets around the world. With worldwide retail eCommerce sales projected to rise to nearly $2.5 trillion by 2018, now is the time.

PR and Distribution

In todays economy, a brand can no longer afford to be passive when it comes to brand awareness. Especially when looking to expand oversees. Building the right message is key when looking to identify the audience to deliver you message to the public. from identifying the right influences, reaching the right bloggers to finding the right place to be. Your public relations strategy will play a core part of your path to success in a new market.


DEX partners will guides you through each step of the process.
From brand awareness and positioning, cost, ROI, scale and overhead.
DEX is tailored to address the needs and KPIs of the organization and drive the company forward.

Initially the program will accept 10 companies focused on technological innovation in the field of IOT, offering them the opportunity to launch their brand in the north american market.

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