DEX ( Digital Export) program is tailored towards SMBs ( Small to mid sized business) that are looking to expand their marketing and sales efforts internationally.

Socialterminals provides the tools, strategy, implementation and analytics data that enable organizations to successfully deliver their information and build communities using social media, web sites, social networks, custom Facebook tabs, Facebook applications, widgets, start pages, desktop applications, mobile devices and more.

The socialterminals platform facilitates the brands ability to reach and engage their audience across social media the emerging channels of communication. The platform enables brands to:

Build, manage and increase the brand’s awareness across

social media to include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, tumblr and more...

  • Execute and measure strategic marketing initiatives through their web presence to include social networks, and social and mobile applications.
  • Monitor the social conversations about the brand, competitors and key topics across social media

Some key highlights of the platform are:

  • Efficiency and leverage content across multiple social networks
  • Drive user engagement
  • Schedule content delivery into the future
  • Target audience based on specific profile data.
  • Metrics system to analyze performance across all environments
  • Support of a wide variety of content – video, text, surveys, complex applications and more
  • Manage the entire branded presence, from creating and deploying content to viewing metrics, from any web browser.

Socialterminals is an expert at building a broad audience for our

clients’ content, pages and products. Our platform enables the brand to create the right incentive for users to drive and sharing content across their audience network.


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